Dear Visitor, Thank you for visiting the home page of Sára Goldsmith and Jewelry Store. We operate as an individual enterprise; we have been active for seven years now. Both our store and workshop are located in the same place, in the center of Makó, in rural surroundings. We welcome our new and our returning customers in our spacious shop area and workshop, which presents an indispensable part of our business. The orders and sales are conducted with the cooperation of 4 experts and associates.

The jewelry we produce — mostly according to individual preferences — can be ordered in larger quantities. The deadlines, the arrangement of the forms (decorations: puncture patterns, multicolored elements, production of add-ons, mechanical or manual engravings) are settled in the case of each model according to individual preferences. We handle the orders in a very flexible way, so even larger quantities acquire individuality, due to their variety.

Jewelry can be produced at a refinement level of 585‰ and 750‰, that is from an alloy of 14Ct and 18Ct, which we prepare ourselves, according to strict standard regulations. Every piece of jewelry carries the Hungarian mark of assay along with the name AS, which is registered at the Hungarian Institute of Noble Metal Examination and Certification.

The engravings are prepared by the means of a computer-guided engraving machine, so the number and the specific characteristics of the orders are virtually infinite. Material: ranges from bone to steel.Size: ranges from the size of a match's tip to size A/4.

Our goal is to materialize the customers' ideas in noble materials, and to contribute to the art of giving presents with an assortment which includes and exceeds the fashion of both the west and the Far East.

  • Production of Jewelry:
    • From our own material, to suit individual demands
    • From material brought by the customer, to suit individual demands
    • In small quantities in a commission work construction
    • In small quantities from our own material
    • From the catalogue, or according to individual preferences
  • Repairing jewelry: other jewelry distributors welcome
  • Selling imported and locally produced gold and silver jewelry
  • Ear piercing
  • Selling jewelry for body piercing
  • Purchasing broken gold

Clocks, watches

  • Selling table, hanging and alarm clocks, watches, decorative and golden clocks
  • Repairing mechanical and digital clocks
  • Service
  • Changing batteries
  • Selling straps and clips

  • Carried out by computer-guided IS-400 system
  • Pictograms, direction signs
  • Complete designing and preparation of wall signs for institutions
  • Door signs, tabs, etc.
  • The unique pieces of jewelry which we produce with delicate care, can be made even more personal: carving initials and photo-engravings made with the PHOTOSTYLE program.